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Our Organics Dates 3kg

Our Organics Dates 3kg

Our Organics

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Organic Dates 3kg gluten free

ingredients:organic dates raw

information: This medium-large size fruit is broadly oblong to oval in shape. It ripens from a yellow to amber, curing to a very dark earthen brown. When cured the flesh is firm. This fruit has a distinctive honey caramel flavour.

  • Are almost completely carbohydrate
  • High in vitamin B3 and B5, potassium, calcium and magnesium
  • Good amount of iron (non-heme) 10 medium dates contains 3mg of iron (best if taken with vitamin C)
  • certified organic
  • gluten free
  • CAUTION: CONTAINS PITS, not suitable for young children’s lunch boxes.


sizes:200, 3KG

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