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Our Organics Linseed  3kg

Our Organics Linseed 3kg

Our Organics

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organic linseed 3kg gluten free

ingredients: organic whole linseed 

information: Organic Linseed will Sprout, but need to soak it on paper towels/terracotta pot base and mist it - of a process for a very small sprout Linseed (also known as Flaxseed) have been consumed since ancient times.


  • Contain high levels of lignans and Omega-3 fatty acids (only when the seed has been ground)
  • When soaked (they getgelatinous), lindseeds can be used as a poultice to draw boils, splinters, etc from the body
  • Whole lindseeds are a good source of fiber

According to Traditional Chinese medicine, linseeds:

  • Have a neutral thermal nature
  • Used as a laxative
  • Helps reduce reduce inflammation
  • Influences the spleen, pancreas and the colon

origin: Australia

sizes: 500g,3kg

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