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Information regarding the allergen statement on Just Gluten Free & Our Organics label



Information regarding the allergen statement on The Gluten Free label & Willowvale Organics label We recently had included on all our labels The following allergen statement which is positioned at the bottom of the label May contain traces of egg,dairy,soy

The reason this has been done is because the suppliers that we obtain our products from will not and have never guaranteed that products can be 100% free of eggs,dairy or soy.

We have been selling Gluten free and Organic products for 25 years and we have never had a problem with cross contamination.

Our procedures are as follows:

a. We pack all gluten free products in a separate area to any gluten containing products.

b. All utensils are colour coded and cleaned separately

c. We also pack gluten free products on specific days.

d. we are SQF & Haccp certified for food safety

e. we test for gluten content on a regular basis with random batches chosen.

All these are preventive measures for any cross contamination 

If you would like to discuss this any further, please do not hesitate to contact us On the below details


Annabel Lewis


Our Organics Trading Co