Shipping Info

Shipping & Delivery


We know freight costs are expensive so we have happily subsidised the freight to help with the cost:

  • 0 to               : cost $8.95  within Australia
  • 3kg to 6kg            : cost $11.95  within Australia
  • 6kg to 9kg            :cost $14.95 within Australia
  • 9kg to 12kg          :cost $18.95 within Australia
  • 12kg to 15kg        :cost $23.95 within Australia
  • 15kg to 20kg        :cost $31.95 within Australia


International customers will be quoted freight prices


  • All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST where applicable.


  • All other deliveries will be Monday-Friday Deliveries may be delayed subject to stock availability and freshness. You will be notified of delays exceeding 8 days.


Out of stock policy

  • On the rare occasion that we are unable to provide a specific product, we will hold your order until stock arrives but will notify you by email
  • Estimated delivery time will range from 2 to 10 days depending on locations.

Lost or Damaged in Transit

From time to time articles go missing or get damaged in transit – it is rare but it does happen. Nothing will leave in a damaged condition as the freight companies would not accept them.

Once goods have left here they are the responsibility of the freight company, not, but it is worth making enquiries about possible insurance cover if you are placing a large order as freight companies do have varying clauses etc within their policies. For example an article could go missing and turn up a week later but have sat around a warehouse causing goods to be heat damaged. The item is delivered in an unsatisfactory condition but who’s responsible?

Our organics staff will be happy to assist, wherever possible, in the tracking and resolving of these issues but we are not responsible or liable for errors incurred by freight companies.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Customers must check all goods received upon receipt and before signing for it. If this is not possible, then within 48hrs of receipt. If you are unhappy with the quality or freshness, or if there is an insect attack, you must contact us within that 48hrs to discuss the possibility of refund or replacement. Our reserves the right to refuse to refund or replace goods that aren’t notified to us as unsatisfactory in the 48hrs from receipt.
  2. Our takes no responsibility for stock damaged or lost in transit. Our staff will assist you in tracking your goods where possible but final responsibility lies with the freight companies.
  3. Our Organics takes no responsibility if your parcel is lost after delivery, if a proof of delivery with either a signature or SAFE DROP request is present. In the event of this occurring we will help all we can, however we highly recommend that you contact Australia Post to begin an investigation into where your parcel is.