Absolute Organics Organic Sliced Beetroot 680g

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Beetroot Slices 680g Absolute Organic ACO



Our Absolute Organic Beetroot Slices has the sweet taste of organic beetroot with the sourness of vinegar, making a uniquely flavoursome and contrasting combination.
Long considered a superfood, beetroot is packed with many essential vitamins and minerals such as manganese, potassium, vitamin C and B9, just to name a few.
This is a great condiment for salads, sandwiches and as an accompaniment to meat.

>> Slices about 5mm thick
>> Reusable glass jar
>> Vegan
>> Kosher
>> Dairy-free
>> Gluten-free


Net Weight: 680g
Servings Per Package: 5
Serving Size: 44g
Energy: 68kj 154.5kj
Protein: 0.2g 0.5g
Fat (Total): 0.08g 0.2g
Fat (Saturated): 0.08g 0.2g
Carbohydrates (Total): 3.6g 8.2g
Carbohydrates (Sugars): 2g 4.5g
Sodium: 106mg 240.9mg