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Our Organics Raw Sugar 1kg

Our Organics Raw Sugar 1kg

Our Organics

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Organic Raw Sugar 1kg gluten free

ingredients:certified organic raw sugar

information: This organic raw sugar is produced from 100% organic sugar cane grown on completely energy self-sufficient family farms in Paraguay. The naturally granulated crystals are sandy to light brown in colour with a rich, complex flavour. Organic raw sugar is often used to sweeten coffee and in baking.  


origin:South America*

*Unfortunately, we are unable to source organic raw sugar that is Australian at this time. 


  per 20g per 100g
energy  339.4kj   1697kj 
protein 0g 0g
fat (total) 0g 0g
saturated 0g 0g
carbohydrate 19.96g 99.80g
sugars 19.96g 99.80g
sodium .2mg 1mg



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